Coupon and cashback website development

coupon website development


Affiliate coupon websites will work where commissions are only paid out after a sale is made on e-commerce website. Techweblabs offers custom coupon and cashback website development services to meet your business requirements.

coupon website development

Want to become an entrepreneur? Looking for some passive income? Well, you came to the right place!

In this raging era of e-commerce startups, what is a viable alternative to bag the same amount of income that you get from running an e-commerce site?
The answer is simple “COUPONS/CASHBACK” sites and mobile applications. Have you not heard of this before? Well! the reasons are pretty simple and straightforward.
1. E-commerce – the income you make is actually the commission you get for a sale per product from a seller. It comes with a cost, maintaining and managing the e-commerce site is not pretty. while logistics may be the biggest challenge there is also adding of products, tracking purchases, support, invoices, extra services for e-commerce solutions, and lastly the developer costs for handling your site.
So how is this any different from running “COUPONS/CASHBACK” website or mobile application?
To be blunt. It is damn easy and most of the coupon site runs on auto-pilot. You earn money through the affiliate program where a sale is made through your Coupons site.
 Maybe an example serves here better! Let’s say there is this Amazon product “Z” on your site, A person named “X” visits your site and is redirected to Amazon to purchase that product “Z”.Let’s say that the purchase is successful, now you have done a great job driving traffic to Amazon and helped on a sale! Now you deserve a big “thank you” from Amazon (lol), kidding. You actually receive a commission for the sale for literally doing nothing. Well, this might have happened in your sleep or may happen every night. How cool is that!

Pros of running Coupon and cashback website over e-commerce site:

  • No maintenance as it runs on auto-pilot.
  •  Incurs only the initial investment for building the site for the developer.
  •  The whole world becomes your marketplace, you can set your site integrated with multiple countries and its affiliating vendors there.
  •  No hard logistics or shipping involved and money keeps flowing if the marketing is done well.
  • “The commission you get from running an e-commerce site and Coupons site is pretty same”.

Now you know where to spend your money, time and energy!

The only way to earn passive income is done through affiliation sites. There are 3 types of affiliation sites to earn money easily. Those are price comparison site, coupon site, and cashback site.
It is the right time to start your own coupon and cashback websites or mobile applications to earn money easily using our Coupon/Cashback scripts or affiliate cashback script. We expertise in developing cashback scripts in web and mobile applications and it is easy to develop cashback script in WordPress. We already developed coupons and cashback website scripts to help entrepreneurs, business organizations and startups to start their own online coupon business and earn more income through these coupons and cashback websites.
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Cashback solutions we offer

cashback integration

Cashback integration

We integrate cashback module to your existing coupons solution.

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Product deals

Amazon, Flipkart, Ebay etc., store only product deals website and app development.

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Local deals

Local or offline merchant deals website and app development

Coupons chrome extension

Chrome Extension

Chrome extension for your coupons, deals and cashback solution

Autopilot coupons

Autopilot coupons

Ready to launch autopilot coupons website from affiliate networks of your choice

Cashback plugin

WP Cashback plugin

WordPress cashback plugin integration to your existing wordpress site

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